How much does an interpreter cost?

Every interpreting job is different, so we will always provide a quote for you to confirm. However, we understand that having an idea of costs can really help with budgeting, therefore, we’ve provided the costs below as a guide. Do please keep in mind that the fees we quote for the assignment about which you contact us may be different to those found on this page.

A rough guide to fees

Tom and Kat both carry professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance, they are both members of VLP (Visual Language Professionals) a professional association, and both are members of the National Union of Sign Language Interpreters (NUBSLI).

Every interpreting job is different, so we will always provide a quote for you to confirm, however, here is a rough guide for fees to expect for standard interpreting assignments onsite or remote.

For assignments of up to half a day, up to 3.5 hours including travel time and time onsite: £160

For full day assignments, those up to 7 hours including travel time and time onsite: £315

For assignments requiring travelling and/or time on site totalling more than 7 hours in total there is a charge of £50 per subsequent hour.

Expenses, such as mileage at 45ppm, tolls, and subsistence, are in addition to these fees.

Fees and charges for Tom are plus VAT at 20% GB 409 1149 14

Cancellation charges: 0 – 7 days notice: 100% of agreed fee. 8-14 days notice: 50% of agreed fee. 14+ days notice: no fee.

Important things to remember

Specialist work may incur a higher fee. This includes any assignment which requires additional training, specific expertise and/or a substantial amount of preparation, and production services.

Please do remember that if an assignment requires interpretation for longer than 45 minutes, or is of a specialist or high intensity nature, at least two interpreters will be required. This will ensure the quality of the interpretation is maintained, whilst protecting the interpreters’ health and safety and his future well-being. The co-working interpreters will support each other throughout the assignment, ensuring that a high quality service is maintained.

Once you have confirmed it would be great if you could send as much information as possible about the nature of the assignment. Anything you can provide regarding the participants and content of the assignment, including numbers of hearing people expected; numbers of Deaf people expected; whether Deaf people, hearing people, or a mix will be contributing (is this mainly BSL to English, English to BSL, or a mix); style/formality of the nature of the assignment, the preferred or stated dress code, lecture notes/presentation material and any performance items; the aims, objectives, and expected/desired outcomes. This will all help the interpreter to prepare and provide the best service possible.

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